Church stretton Training Run 15/1/10

I set off with the intention of doing most , if not all , of the Long Mynd Valleys race route . Unfortunately , even though the thaw had started , the snow was still deep in most places and where it wasn't deep it was turning into a horrible slush . After not very long at all , my feet were soaked through and freezing . I pushed on to "Jonathons Hollow" but the cold feet were becoming unbearable . Added to that it started sleeting and on top of the hills the wind was alot stronger than in the valleys . I wasn't having much fun so I decided to bin it . Problem was I still had to get back to the truck . As soon as I turned east and dropped into the valley it became more pleasant again but I couldn't feel my feet and wanted the warmth of a new pair of socks . I ended up crossing the point I'd crossed earlier and decided to take the reverse route of the the new years days run back to the truck .
Got a new phone with new GPS software . I don't like it as much as the old one at the moment but I'll persist with it for a while .
A victim of the recent weather . The rest of the wild life seemed to have taken advantage of the surprise meal .
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