Long Mynd Valleys Recce 28/1/10

With the Long Mynd Valleys Race coming up very soon I thought I'd try and do a full recce of the route to prepare my self . It's about 12 miles with 4500ft of assent and descent . Last year I got round the course in 3:05 ish . This year I would love to be able to break 3 hours . Although the "valleys" aren't that high (compared to the lakes or parts of Wales) they have some pretty steep bits . The route takes you up , down and across the valleys and saves the highest steepest hills for last . I did manage to complete the course , but , in a rather disappointing 3:50 . I hadn't had any breakfast that day and although I took some food to have on the way round I accidentally left it in the car . I'm hoping that remembering to eat on the day and the race itself will drag me along at a faster rate . I am mentally prepared at least .
the route
view from the flat section on top
can't remember which hill this was but it shows the sort of terrain
view of the Valleys I took the day after while doing a test flight for someone
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  1. Could always let you have a sugar free polo when you come past me.....both times....

  2. I am looking forward to this race. Sub 3-hours, here we come...

  3. Al , thats got me thinking , I should load you up like a pack horse with energy drinks . You'll be ideally place to be my support team ;-)

    M , it's going to be a cracker .

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  5. Whoops Dyslexia strikes again....

    J. I have enough problems carrying the camera, it's waterproof cover, my waterproofs(if it ain't snowing it will be raining), etc, etc and of course the supply of sugar free polos(or red wine)... Still hope to be in Ashes Hollow or at Cross Dyke... weather will decide....

  6. Great photo from the air. Have a good race. Don't forget to pack a few gels (or similar)!

  7. Fair enough Al . See you there .

    MattR , I think it's going to be Kendal Mint Cake for me again . That seems to work better than the gels for me . Good luck with the run you're doing .