Time to get on it 13/1/10

I've been dodging the scales over the last few weeks for fear of what they might tell me . With two Birthday parties , one Christmas and two new years parties I knew it wouldn't be good news . Usually the training keeps the weight off , but , with the Dojo closing for a few weeks and a lack of running I had no chance . It wasn't quite as bad as it could have been , but , an extra half a stone is still not good .

So , a new year and just over three weeks till the Long Mynd Valleys Fell Race .

I did a feeble 30 min kickboxing session last night (not even worth blogging about) and found it pretty hard .

Today I thought I'd give the Wrekin a blast . I found the first climb harder than the last time I did it . Was it because of the extra snow underfoot or the extra weight to carry up with me ? Probably a bit of both . Conditions on the way up and on top were pretty poor . It took me quite a while to warm up with the stiff breeze blowing in my face . Once going down the other side under the shelter of the forest it became much more pleasant . To add a bit of variety when I found logs that the foresters had left behind I carried them to the lane for later retrieval . Then ran round the north side of the hill back to the truck . All in all , with the log moving , I was exercising for about two hours . Not a bad start . All I have to do now is avoid parties , beer and crap food . Umm , beer .

On top
Down the other side
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  1. Half a stone? Pitiful. Clearly you lack dedication. My weight on 19th December: 11 stone 7 pounds. My weight on 10th January: 12 stone and 7 pounds. I thank you.

  2. Ha , and you ate most of that at our place .