Wrekin Training Run 24/1/10

A short run up the Wrekin with "M""P" and "?"

After all the training I've done recently I thought I would pull off a good time up the Wrekin , but , it took me 40 odd seconds longer than last time (which is a lot over a short distance). Bugger .

Methusalah , however , managed a fantastic time . Even with his recently operated on knee , got off to a good start , pulling away from me from the off . A little demoralising but glad to see he's well on the road to recovery .

The "Panther" also attended but chose to walk up with Mrs M (AKA ???have to think of a name).


  1. Methuselah's wife (and mother, as it happens) is called Edna in the bible. I think this is perfect as Mrs M's running nickame - it conveys perfectly the combination of speed and grace she exhibits on the fells.

  2. I think I'll let you tell her ;-)