Little Hill Sprints 19/1/10

No photos at the moment due to a "blogger"error .

Little Hill is n the western side of the Wrekin . Only a small lump but perfect for hill sprints . I parked on the west side of "little" and jogged up to the top , passing some nice looking logs for the wood burner on the way up . Once over the top and down the other side of "little" I did 5 or 6 flat out sprints to the top with a walk back down in between sets . Each one took about 10/15 secs and each time my legs were becoming more jelly like . My lungs were also burning after each one . Didn't take long , then I jogged back to the logs I'd seen and picked a few decent sized ones to take back to the truck . Repeated this a couple of times .


  1. Now that's traditional training...!

  2. Sounds like a good sesh. When I read the title I thought you meant that you had sprinted up the front side of Little. Now that would have been tough. In fact, it's almost un-runnable. But the other side is the perfect sprint intervals venue. Let's do some when my knee's ready for more agressive running.