Little Hill Sprints and log rustling 31/1/10

At a secret location somewhere in Shropshire at the AlJ training camp........

(slide show has sound)

Started on the west side of Little Hill again and jogged to the top . M had a real spring in his step and again bounded off ahead from the start . Once at the top we walked down the eastern side and readied ourselves for 5 hill sprints . Each one was about 15 seconds worth (although probably slightly slower on the last one). Although usually demoralised by M's ability to leave me standing on prolonged up hill running I , for some reason , manage to get my own back on the sprints (something about "fast twitch fibres").
Sprints complete we walked back down towards the truck and passed a pile of logs . We couldn't resist some Geoff Capes/strong man type exercise with the logs . Needless to say , the logs ended up in the back of the truck for usage in the wood burner next year . Usually I only take logs that I know are too small to be of any use to the foresters . I think this time I/we might have got carried away .
Two days later and I'm still feeling the pain in my legs

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  1. Very cool slideshow! Next time it has to be the theme from Rocky...

    Interstingly, my legs are not stiff at all even though I have not been sprinting lately. It's almost as if you are better able to get the most out of yours.

  2. I'm pleased with the slide show (thanks MattR)and the "superstars" theme seemed to fit well .

    When I did hill sprints on my own last time my legs didn't hurt . I think I try harder when you're on my tail .

  3. Okay, next time let's bring someone even slower than me so he/she can be on my tail!

  4. There has to be a realistic chance of me being caught :-)

  5. Classic mate! Put that wood back...