Wrekin Run 14/2/10

Another gentle jog round the Wrekin 60mins ish

I didn't get over to Wales to do the Ras Tarren Hendre fell race on the previous day. I toyed with the idea and even set out for it in the morning. But, my knee was still hurting from a bike ride just over a week ago and after the Valleys weekend and a run in the week I reluctantly decided a race wouldn't be the best idea for me.
However, I had already planned to meet Methuselah at the Wrekin for a "light" training run. He donned his 10kg weight vest to even things up a bit and off we went on the above route. Finished off with 10mins of log "kill carrying" at the end. I felt as if I could have pushed harder but it was probably about right with dodgy knee.
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  1. As my own account will reveal in due course, 'light' is not a word I associate with our ascent ;-)

  2. Haha . I told you I had more in the tank .