Titterstone Clee Race 6/2/10

A great start to the "Valleys" weekend .

Short sharp shock . AS 2.5 miles 750ft .

I only just made it on time . Luckily I managed to dump my truck next to the start line and scribble some stuff on an entry form . I was putting my trainers on as the pre race speech was going on . Then we were off . My legs could have done with a few more minutes to warm up . As could the GPS on the phone . It doesn't look like it started tracking till a few hundred yards into the race . I don't think I knew what was going on until about half way up when my lungs and legs were screaming at me to stop . Luckily for me it was misty on top and a few runners unwittingly took detour on the way back down . This falsely boosted my position up the ranks a few places .
Photo from Alistair http://www.fellruningpictures.co.uk/
Looking forward to the Long Mynd Valleys Race tomorrow .
On the way home I thought I'd pop in and see a mate at the Dojo in Kidderminster . He was doing a sponsored 100 x 2min rounds of kickboxing sparing in aid of the Haiti earth quake disaster . He was on round 80 when I got there but still looked fresh as you like . I joined him for about 10 rounds , got my ass kicked then left for home . Well done to James for his efforts .

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  1. Two races in one weekend - now that's impressive!