Malverns Training Run 21/2/10

A nice steady 11 ish miles.

The idea was to go out for a long slow run. We parked the truck at the Northern end of the Malvern hills and started the climb up and then along the ridge. It had snowed over night so some parts were hard going. The weather to start with was a little unpleasant but improved through out the run.
Methuselah at the trig point
The road ahead
The view looking back along the ridge we'd just run down. All we had to do was run back.
Me at the trig later on (weather much improved)

Hopefully these longer runs will help prepare me for some of the longer races I have planned later in the year. It would also be nice if as a consequence of the longer runs I were to loose some weight.


  1. Looks like a lovely day out. Just read your Long Mynd valleys blog by the must have been not too far ahead of us, me and a lass in a red and white-striped Calder Valley vest. We finished in 2.51.

  2. Looks a bit parky for vests!

  3. Rich G Thanks it was a nice day out. As was the "valleys" race. I've probably seen you in the photos I'm guessing you were number 200 ? I really enjoyed that race(I think).Tough bugger though.

    MattR You can talk about vests. I was going to say the same thing when I read your May Hill post earlier which ,If memory serves me right, was on the same day as th valleys race when I had two layers on.

  4. It was too cold for vests, but definately too warm for a t-shirt, a base layer and a Berghaus wind-stopper, which is what I remained swathed in while Lightning stripped down. When I got home and peeled off for a shower it was as if I'd kept a bunch of onions underneath!

    Great photo of the trig point in the foreground.