Clee/Valleys Tshirt

Still "high" from the Valleys weekend .

After the Long Mynd Valleys fell race we didn't hang around as we both had things to do. However, I found out after wards that because I had done both races, and finished in the top 25, I had won a tshirt. Seeing as I haven't won anything for years (I think the last time was a karate tournament years ago) I decided I had to get my hands on it. I contacted the organisers, Kieth and Pauline, who kindly agreed to let me pick it up (should have asked them if they had any left over from last year aswell)
I finished 21st . Top 25 sounds impressive to me when I think of how many people did the Valleys race. But when you look at the number that did the Clee race(41) and how many did both races(27) it looks rather less impressive. Never mind, Free Tshirt !
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  1. Dude, a t-shirt is a t-shirt; and judging from the quality of the field at Long Mynd, those 4 you beat were probably no slouchers...well done.