Moel y Ci Fell Race 20/2/10

A trip to North Wales for this "BS" 5 miles 950 feet fell race.

A nice race with a mixture of terrain. Paths,trails,hills,snow,rock,mud,fields and Forest.
I was recovering from a cold on this one,but,after missing the race the previous weekend, due to a dodgy knee, (which was/is still playing up) I was determined not to miss another.
taking it easy (Gwenfor's picture)
It started off ok and I was in my usual sort of position in the pack. After about 10mins though I think the cold caught up we me a bit. People started going past me and I didn't really care. I decided just to take it easy and get round. Towards the top, after a nice start with the weather, the snow began drifting in. I was getting a bit cold and I decided,as it was now mostly down hill,the best way to get warm was to pick up the pace. At the top I saw fell running photographer Alistair Tye who as well as taking photos was also marshaling and doing his bit for a group of volunteers that provide radio cover and help at fell races in North Wales.
picking up the pace a bit
A nice descent saw me over take a couple of people.
I finished 69th out of 99 entrants 57:16. If I do it again next year without a cold I think I could knock off 5mins.


  1. If that knee gets any worse I'll have to introduce you to my surgeon ;-)

  2. That's spooky - the validation word I was presented with for that precious comment was "dayop" which is exactly what it would be!

  3. I'm hoping a week relaxing in the sun will fix the knee.

  4. Sounds like a good run there Jon. Well done for keeping things within the comfort zone - what with injury and all.

  5. Thanks Matt. I notice your blog not done much for a while ? Everything OK I hope.