Wrekin Training Run 3/2/10

A good run round the Wrekin . Started on the western side and had a steady jog over little hill then continued up to Wrekin summit .Then down the other side to just beyond halfway house and a right turn to double back around the southern side to a point where you can take a rarely used path (marked with a pile of stones) and go back up to the summit . This section on the south side is one of the steepest bits of the Wrekin and , for me at least , it's speed walking and not running . A nice coast back down the western side , to finish off , and back to the truck (with the obligatory log for the wood burner)

rarely used path . the pile of stones can be seen on the left hand side
view going up the southern side
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  1. It's all about the Southern side + 10kg weight vest.

  2. You'll like the south side M . Starts steep and gets steeper the higher up you go . The run round the side to get there is a good warm up too .