Corndon 3 Peaks Classic Fell Race 15/11/09

A great race !
Started at "The Miners Arms". (nice pub)
This was the second year of this revived race (I don't know when it used to be run before). After twisting my ankle earlier in the week I was really pleased to be able to run (very carefully). Some local friends popped down to give some support . It's great having people cheer/jeer you on when you're struggling around . It gives a real boost . Thanks Sarah , Kate , Chris and Noel . And thanks also to Alistair for the encouragement on the last hill and some excellent photos .

The route

Photos courtesy of Alistair

Next weekend I'm hoping to do the "Wrekin Wrecker". My local hill .


  1. How far / high? And what was so funny?

  2. 7miles 1850ft is what it says on WFRA web site but , I think it was more like 5miles .

    I was thinking of someone staggering up the road on cruches the night before . That's what made me laugh .

  3. Touché. I've been using those crutches to great effect today. It's quicker than walking. I'm also planning some weight vest, stairs action this week, which I will video. Lots of one-leg partial squats combined with partial crutch-dips ;-)

  4. Chin up dude . It wont be long before you're beating me in a race again .