Wrekin Wrecker Fell Race 22/11/09

Great race ! 8.1 miles and 2400ft . Just down the road from where I live and this was the second year I did this race . Last year , as well as the excellent spread of food we all got long sleeve tshirts . This year , instead of the tshirts we all got a bottle of "Wrekin Wrecker" beer . I think Newport Running Club's generosity is why the numbers swelled this year to 160 plus runners .

Photos courtesy of Alistair http://www.fellrunningpictures.co.uk/ and Phil Johnson

12 months on from last year and I think I came in within 30 seconds of last years time . No improvement ,but , I put it down to still having a dodgy ankle . I was deffinetly slower going downhill than last year so I must have been faster going uphill which is good news .

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  1. I trust you later dealt with the beer when you got home and then made sure it did not get lonely down there in your stomach. Hope the ankle gets better. My knee is improving. Doing some weights now to keep the quads active and it seems to be coping with it okay. Still can only bend by 60 degrees though. I reckon we are looking at Feb for my comeback. Might have to be Longmynd...

  2. M , how did you guess ?

    Good luck with the knee . I'm looking forward to "our" next race .