Snowdon run 24/11/09 and failed Peris recce

An attempt to recce the last section of the Peris horse shoe fell run . Started from the Victoria hotel with the intention of going straight up Llamberis path to Snowdon summit , then , try to find the route back that the Peris race takes .

Unfortunately the weather wasn't on my side . When I started running it was raining and windy , which I don't really mind . But , as I got higher up the route the wind picked up more and more . I had to stop a couple of time to put more layers of clothes on because of the wind chill on my wet clothes was making me pretty cold . Further up the route the wind really started to pick up . So much so that I was having to lean into the wind but then it would suddenly stop and I would fall onto my hands and knees . A few times I was getting gusts that would blow me across the path . Twice I had gusts that felt as if they would lift me off my feet . I tried to take shelter under a bridge for a while and had some coffee out of my flask . Even under the bridge the wind was howling . It was there that I came to the conclusion it would be very difficult to finish what I set out to achieve . Even if I made it to the top it would have been almost impossible to find the route down with the rain lashing in my face and stinging my eyes . I was in cloud as well which would make it even more of a task to find the route . The other thing that I didn't like the thought of was being so far away from any paths . If the worst were to happen , it would have been impossible for any one to find me (I hadn't seen anyone else on the mountain since I set off , which is unheard of for Snowdon). So , reluctantly I turned round and headed back , trying not to get blown off the path .
I usually enjoy being out on my own in crap weather (It gives me chance to use all my kit) but that was a bit extreme and I wasn't enjoying it . I think it was getting quite dangerous .

I was out for about two and a half hours . I should have been able to cover that ground it less that half that time .
When I got back to the car I had a real feeling of failure . Very disappointing . A couple of days later and I think I did the right thing . I will return to Snowdon soon to finish the job .

After this I drove to Brum and did a session of kickboxing to get my head in order .
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