Lawley Caradoc training run 11/11/09

A quick run in the church stretton area . Parked at the North end of the Lawley's . Ran up and over Lawley , then up Little Caradoc , then Caradoc . I would have run down the other side of Caradoc before returning but realised it would be dark by the time I got back .

The cloud base was low so ended up doing most of it in the mist .

Eeri shapes in the mist .

I was wearing an old , wornout pair of roclites and slipped in some mud on the way back down little caradoc . I ended up slidding down on my backside in a great deal of pain and realised I had turned my ankle . It took a while to get moving again and I was in pain all the way back . I hope this doesn't effect the chance of me doing a race on Sunday .

Just after the this photo is where I slipped .
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  1. Jeez, you're taking some punishment at the moment. How's the back now?

  2. The ankle injury has taken the focus off the back ,thanks M. And since I've been double dropping pain killers, i can't feel the ankle either .I'm going to have a few days off in the hope of doing the race on Sunday.