Snowdon training run 4/11/09

Went up to Snowdon and had a look at part of the "Peris Horse Shoe". Started at pen-y-pass car park(where the half peris finished(which I did earlier this year)), started to run up the "minners track" then cut off left at Llyn Llydaw reservior to head S/W towards Y Lliwedd then followed the ridge round to the N/W and up Snowdon summit . The cafe was closed ,so no hot chocolate . Then instead of running down to Llamberis(peris route)I took the Pyg track back to pen-y-pass car park . I was out for about 2 hours 30 mins . I could have gone faster but stopped to take photos and enjoy the views .

These photos are taken from the Pyg track looking south towards Lliwedd and the ridge which I traversed .

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  1. Good piccs and video. Sounds like a decent outing. It's all about the full Peris next year. Or Ben Nevis. Or Langdale. Or all of them. Not.